About Us

It’s understandable that we want to purchase products made in America. We are often asked to buy local because this practice strengthens the economic base of our communities. Sometimes the opportunities are limited when it comes to luxury goods, but not anymore. We now have the opportunity to purchase luxury leather items made in our own backyard of Marin!

Kim Jackson of Kentfield is a local artisan and entrepreneur.  Her company, Kjdesignlove, lets the customer make an individualized style statement without branding herself with runway labels. We all want to show our best selves and not advertise for others, and Kim provides luxury products without logos. From a simple metal smithing class (given as a Christmas gift) she found her passion and grew into a true artisan– synthesizing jewelry concepts with exotic/luxurious leathers to create artistic metal and leather products. Top-level training continued at the renowned San Francisco’s Amblard Leather Atelier.  Kim’s designs are spontaneous, and her taste for stylish simplicity is the hallmark of her unique look.

Kim’s design philosophy is to hand make every aspect of her products - her goal is to have zero purchased components. Her hand process for reversible belts involves 8 steps, and her bags can take 30 - 50 hours to produce!  All of her belt buckles are created and hand-forged in her Marin county-based studio, and are interchangeable with any Kjdesignlove belt. Watch strap patterns are individualized to fit any watch and size, and now come standard with sterling silver components that she custom crafts. For added luxury customers can even order these custom buckles in 14k yellow or rose gold!

Kim’s design passions are inherited from her creative father and grandmother. Born in Saigon during the Vietnam War, she came to the United States as a baby and grew up in the Bay Area watching her grandmother and father pursue their hobbies of ceramics, woodworking, upholstery and leather tooling.  A pivotal junior year abroad enabled Kim to discover French luxury brands and learn the French language.  She is a retired portfolio manager and the mother of three children.